About Us

The Story of Us…

Aloha! Welcome to Tropic Hula Bubbles, an artisan soap company born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2016.

I started out making soap because my husband  saw a YouTube video (the man loves YouTube and learns practically EVERYTHING on there) and he knew that I’d love it. And I fell for it immediately! I found dozens of channels with hundreds of tutorials and was eager to get started and experiment with recipes, ingredients, etc. You can’t just decide one day to go make soap. It involves oils and volatile chemicals that can eat your skin, poison your children or pets, and cause blindness if you’re not careful. Not trying to scare you or anything, but they call lye “caustic soda” for a reason.

I’ve had hobbies before and jumped in and went full force buying products and tools, etc. This time, I wanted to step lightly and see if this was something I wanted to do and invest time/money into. I started out small, buying oils from the supermarket and colorants/fragrances in small amounts. The better I got, the bigger my batches got and now I make enough for 10 lbs of soap at one time – on the grand scale that’s not huge, but for someone who does it at home that’s a big batch. I keep telling people it’s not my new business–I just like making soap and I sell it to recoup my costs. However I’m a liar because making 10 pounds of soap at a time doesn’t sound like a hobby. It sounds like some serious soap making going on!

After a while I got good enough to start selling my soap to friends (I don’t sell to family. I just gift it to them) and did a few craft and gift fairs which were ok, but not stellar enough to turn it into a business.  So I turned to the world wide web (who calls it that anymore? lol) and opened up my Etsy shop and decided to call it Tropic Hula Bubbles!

So this is my website. I use it to teach people about soap. And I use it to point you to my Etsy store if you feel so inclined to peruse the offerings I have there. Feel free to come back and see us any time. Leave a comment if you feel compelled. And like us on Facebook and Instagram so you can see what Tropic Hula Bubbles is up to.

Thanks for coming!