Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Putting some thought into it

Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


I know, you’re reading this because you are fresh out of ideas for Valentine’s Day and you need some help or you’ll end up in the dog house. I get it, my man has been there on many occasions and I can already tell what’s been running through your head…

“I’ll just go to Costco and get a box of chocolates. They have flowers there so I can get those too. And while I’m there I might as well get the dog food, toilet paper and bag of romaine lettuce I forgot to get the other day.”

NOT ROMANTIC AT ALL!  Seriously? Flowers and dogfood?

You need to put some thought into it

Part of the whole romance thing is thinking about it. The more you labor over your gift, how you are going to deliver it, how its wrapped, and where you want to be when all of this Sweetheart Day goodness happens — that’s all part of the charm and sexiness behind this romantic day of days. Costco=not romantic.

That’s why you’re here

You did a google search and looked up Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and clicked on this article. Need help!! And that’s what we are here to do.

Girls Love Bath & Body Stuff

You know how girls can’t get enough bras, handbags, clothes, shoes, jewelry…well, everything in general. It’s because everything serves a purpose. Take a look in her bathroom and she has at least 3 shampoos, 4 hair conditioners, 17 tubes of hand and body cream, soaps of all shapes and sizes, foot scrubs, hand scrubs, face cream, day cream, night cream, suntan lotion, sunburn lotion. You get the message. Why mess with perfection? Just get her more of the same because let’s get real – why fix it, if it ain’t broken? And don’t even bother asking why she needs more bath and body stuff. She just does.

Search no more…you’ve arrived

We are Tropic Hula Bubbles – A Handmade Artisan Soap Company. Here are some of our product selections

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

What can be a more lovely way to say I love you than with a unique gift basket filled with fragrant soaps and bath bombs!
This treasure includes:
One Valentine bar of soap – Scented with black cherry. lilies and violets
One Valentine cupcake soap topped with a soapy heart – Raspberry Vanilla scent
One Heart Shaped Soap with candy accents – scented with Black cherry, lilies and violets
One Bath Bomb – scented with a lovely berry scent

All packaged in a heart shaped keepsake tin.

Valentine’s Day Gift Set

Make your Valentine’s Day giving a breeze with this adorable gift set of Valentines themed soaps!

This gift set includes:
One Valentine bar of soap – Strawberry scent
One Valentine cupcake soap topped with glittery glycerin hearts – Scented with Pink Watermelon
All packaged in a Valentines keepsake tin, shrink wrapped and tied up with a bow for instant gift giving.

Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Adorable little gifts are the best ways to say Happy Valentines Day to the one you love!

This sweet gift box includes:
One Valentine Cupcake Soap with Glycerin Heart accent – Scented with Pink Berry
One Heart Shaped Glycerin Soap with candy accents – scented with Black cherry, lilies and violets

All packaged in a Valentine themed take-out box.




Plan ahead to make a good impression!

So plan ahead. Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. Has been for 1,522 years (literally) So you cannot say you forgot. You can’t claim you didn’t know. It’s literally the same day every year – so make this year the one that you plan something extra special and surprise your loved one with a Sweetheart’s Day they’ll never forget!

Be sure to check out my post entitled Where to Buy Tropic Hula Bubbles Bath Soap and it will take you directly to my shop!

Thanks for visiting us today!


  • Brandy Quinn

    Best bath bombs! I’m always excited when I get my new soaps, yet torn between placing them on the counter ( because they are so beautiful) to lathering up right away (because they smell so amazing). Which is why you should order double! You won’t be disappointed!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Brandy! Many of my customers feel the same as you. They leave it on the counter for a while, then use it later. I guess that would be a good time to get new ones. I’m always coming up with new designs so check back often and see what’s new! Thanks for your lovely comments!

  • Nalani

    I love these soaps! I got the plumeria bar for Christmas and my daughter said it matches her bathroom more than mine. Guess I need to get more soaps!

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